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How to Retrieve Facebook Deleted Data (Messages, Photos and Videos)

Archive Facebook Data

If you have accidentally deleted your Facebook messages, photos and videos, no need to worry about it. You can retrieve Facebook deleted data easily. Facebook saves your profile data in its archive which can be downloaded anytime. How to retrieve Facebook deleted data (photos, messages and videos) 1. Log in to your Facebook account, go to the settings. 2. On ... Read More »

How to Enable Copy Paste in Command Prompt

Open CMD

Windows doesn’t allow by default to have copy paste in command prompt. But we can have copy and paste feature enabled in command prompt. One of the main advantages of this feature is that you can copy or paste large commands in CMD (command prompt). How to enable copy paste in Command Prompt 1. Open Command Prompt, type CMD in ... Read More »

How The Famous Tech CEOs Desks Look Like?

Elon Musk Desk

A person’s work space can also tell you a lot about a person. That’s why mostly people are concerned about their office or desks. They do efforts to make sure their office or desk is just right. Here is a look at the office desks of 10 famous tech CEOs throughout the years. 1. Steve Jobs, Apple   2. Bill Gates, ... Read More »

Protect Excel 2013 Files with Password


How to protect Microsoft Excel 2013 files with password? There are two ways to protect Excel workbooks to encrypt with passwords. First: If you just want to lock it down with Encryption, follow this process. 1. Click on the “File” menu button on the top left corner of Excel Sheet. 2. Click Info -> Protect Workbook -> Encrypt with Password. 3. ... Read More »

Tips to Improve Computer Speed

Here are some tweaks and tips to improve the performance of your computer. Let your computer boot up completely before opening any applications. Refresh the desktop after closing any application. It will help to remove any unused files from the RAM. Do not use very large file size images as desktop wallpaper. If your PC is low on RAM (less ... Read More »

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