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How to Install Sticky Notes to Windows Server 2012

Being member of Windows Server Operating Systems family, Windows Server 2012 doesn’t offer Sticky Notes feature as Windows Client OS offers. But here is a tweak to enable Sticky Notes feature in Windows Server 2012.

First of all, enable Desktop Experience feature from server manager.

1. Go to Server Manager -> Local Server -> Add roles and features

Sticky Notes in windows 2012

2. From features option windows, select these features:

  • User Interfaces and Infrastructure
  • Desktop Experience

Sticky Notes in windows Server 2012

Once these features are installed, restart the machine.

3. Download StickyNotes.rar file and extract it. (For 64bit OS, use StickyFiles64 and for 32bit OS use StickyFiles86).

4. Create a folder “Sticky Notes” in Program Files. Copy StikyNot.exe and slc.dll files in it and create a folder “en-US” and copy StikyNot.exe.mui file in it.

Folder Hierarchy should be:

Program Files\Sticky Notes\en-US -> StikyNot.exe.mui
Program Files\Sticky Notes\ -> StikyNot.exe and slc.dll

Files should look like this:

Sticky Notes in windows 2012

5. Copy SNTSearch.dll in System32 folder (C:\Windows\System32)

6. Copy SNTSearch.dll.mui in System32\en-US (C:\Windows\System32\en-US)

Sticky Notes Windows 2012

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  • Andrea Endrizzi

    Thanks !

  • Silvio6

    This does the job … THANKS !!!

  • Ngoc Anh Huynh

    This is just amazing. You really make my day. So disappointed with the new sticky notes of Windows 10.

  • Andrew Vader

    Easier way:
    steps 1-3;
    4. extract rar to some folder
    5. Create file ‘Install.bat.’ with text in extracted folder

    xcopy /s %cd%StikyNot.exe.mui “c:Program FilesStickyNotesen-USStikyNot.exe.mui”
    xcopy /s %cd%StikyNot.exe “c:Program FilesStickyNotesStikyNot.exe”

    xcopy /s %cd%SNTSearch.dll “c:Program FilesStickyNotesSNTSearch.dll”
    xcopy /s %cd%sntsearch.dll.mui “c:Program FilesStickyNotessntsearch.dll.mui”

    xcopy /s %cd%SNTSearch.dll “c:WindowsSystem32SNTSearch.dll”
    xcopy /s %cd%sntsearch.dll.mui “c:WindowsSystem32en-USsntsearch.dll.mui”

    6. Run it 🙂

  • Srikanth Krishnamurthy

    Thanks for the post man, I was really mad at MS for messing up sticky notes

  • nash

    We installed this to windows server 2016, it worked for a week then windows defender saw it as a trojan virus. any cooments about this?

  • Stephen French

    thanks for this! It’s great!
    I am having one problem though. When I want to delete a note using the cross in the top right-hand corner of the note itself nothing happens. On a Win7 machine I get prompted to confirm that I want to delete it.
    I understand that this isn’t really “installed” but I’m hoping there’s a way to get this functionality working.

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