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How to Create Virtual Machine in Windows 8

Many Windows users aren’t aware of that virtualization tool (Hyper-V) is built into every copy of Professional or Enterprise editions of Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1. Hyper‑V lets you create virtual machine in windows 8 & 8.1 and allows you to run more than one 32-bit/64-bit OS at the same time on the same PC, by running them inside a virtual machine. As this feature is not installed by default with Windows 8/8.1 professional and enterprise, so you have to install it yourself.

Here is the step by step guide to install Hyper-V and virtual machine in Windows 8 and 8.1.

1. In Control Panel, click Programs, and then click Programs and Features. Click “Turn Windows Features on or off“.

2. Select Hyper‑V, click OK, and then click Close.

Hyper-V Installation

3. Once the feature is installed, you’ll be asked to reboot your PC. Reboot the machine to make the changes effective.

Hyper-V Installation in Windows 8.1

4. You’ll need to launch the Hyper-V Manager application to actually use Hyper-V and VMs configurations. Find Hyper-V Manager in your installed program list.

Hyper-V Manager

5. First of all, set up network configurations. You’ll probably need to give the virtual machine access to local network and the internet. Click the name of your local computer in Hyper-V Manager (i.e. TECHFLUTE-PC) and then click the Virtual Switch Manager link first to create a virtual switch.

6. There are three options in the list: External, Internal and Virtual. Select External to give virtual machines access to the external network, and click Create Virtual Switch. Afterwards, give virtual switch a name (default: Virtual Switch) and then click OK.

Hyper-V Switch Manager

7.  To create a new virtual machine, right click the name of your local computer in Hyper-V Manager > Click New > Virtual Machine.

Create Virtual Machine in Windows 8

8. Specify the virtual machine name. I’m going to install Windows Server 2012 so I’m giving it name “Win2012”.

Create Virtual Machine in Windows 8.1

9. Specify Generation, select Generation 1.

how to Create Virtual Machine in Windows 8

10. Here you’ll assign memory (RAM) to the virtual machine. I’m going to assign 4096MB (4GB).

how to Create Virtual Machine in Windows 8.1

11. Next is “Configure Networking“. You’ll select virtual switch which configured earlier. By default ‘Not Connected’ option is selected.

Hyper-V Installation in Windows 8.1

12. Here, you’ll create virtual hard drive (VHD) for this virtual machine. Select the path where you want to save the virtual hard disk and allocate the size of hard disk.

Hyper-V Installation in Windows 8

13. If you have an ISO file containing guest operating system’s installation files, select second option and browse the ISO file path. Hyper-V will insert the ISO file into the virtual machine’s virtual disc drive so you can start guest operating system installation afterwards.

Hyper-V Configuration in Windows 8.1

14. New virtual machine will appear in the Hyper-V manager list. Right click on it and then click Start. The virtual machine will boot up.

Start Virtual Machine in Hyper-V

15. Right click the virtual machine and click Connect to Connect to it. It will open in a window on the desktop.

Connect Virtual Machine in Hyper-V

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