Sunday , 21 January 2018

How To Configure Hyper-V Virtual Machine Startup Behavior

Configure Hyper-V

Hyper-V virtual machine startup behavior can be configured. By default, Hyper-V turns ON only those virtual machines which were powered ON at the time when your PC had lost the power. Create a new Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Virtual Machine startup behavior needs to be setup separately as it’s configured at virtual machine level. How to configure virtual machine startup behavior in Hyper-V ... Read More »

How The Famous Tech CEOs Desks Look Like?

Elon Musk Desk

A person’s work space can also tell you a lot about a person. That’s why mostly people are concerned about their office or desks. They do efforts to make sure their office or desk is just right. Here is a look at the office desks of 10 famous tech CEOs throughout the years. 1. Steve Jobs, Apple   2. Bill Gates, ... Read More »

Protect Excel 2013 Files with Password


How to protect Microsoft Excel 2013 files with password? There are two ways to protect Excel workbooks to encrypt with passwords. First: If you just want to lock it down with Encryption, follow this process. 1. Click on the “File” menu button on the top left corner of Excel Sheet. 2. Click Info -> Protect Workbook -> Encrypt with Password. 3. ... Read More »

Windows 9 Technical Preview: Leaked Screenshots Show New Features

Windows 9 Start Menu

Glimpses of the next version of Windows operating system have been leaked out through few screenshots. It shows just how far Microsoft will go to win back desktop users. The images revealed by show that the new Start menu will be a combination of the old Windows 7-era Start menu aspects and Windows 8′s Metro Start screen. In addition to ... Read More »

Comparison: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


After all the rumors and leaks, iPhone 6 and 6Plus are finally launched officially. Before you run out and buy one of these new Apple gadgets, assuming you’re not Android or Windows Phone lover, it might be wise to see what you’re getting for your cash. As such, we’ve put together the features of these gadgets in a table to show ... Read More »

10 Best Android Apps for Business

Top 10 Android Apps

Smartphones are gaining traction in the business world, opening new opportunities for on-the-go functionality and anywhere access. Desktop PC apps keep you on top of things at the office, but why stay chained to your desk when you have a powerful computer right in your pocket? To help you add business functionality to your device, we’ve pulled together 10 best ... Read More »

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